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MedEx Updates:

Take The Stress Out Of Your Medical Record Retrieval Process—-Get MedEx! We’ve all been there – desperately waiting for our medical records to come in. Still, the process takes a lot of time and is a time consuming task for many companies. MedEx has a streamlined system for this process. Our cutting edge technology helps us to integrate with any infrastructure and get the records in as little time as possible. Below are just a few reasons you should Get MedEx! Easy to Use / Real Time Access to Records With MedEx, you will be able to quickly order, track as well as retrieve and view your medical records wherever you are, from any mobile device. Instead of battling with papers, you can now see your medical records in a digital form and navigate through them smoothly. Plus, they will all be synced and shared to your device and with your employees inside and outside your company! All Medical Record Types With MedEx, you will be able to streamline your medical record retrieval process. Go Paperless–from client intake forms to consultations, dental records, discharge summaries, EKG reports, emergency room records, intraoperative reports, lab results, prescriptions, physical therapies just to name a few- we always make sure our clients records are retrieved as quickly as possible in a cost efficient way.

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